Inshore patrols to target un-licenced operators

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) will shortly commence a nationwide inshore fisheries patrol programme as part of its measures to help protect Ireland’s valuable crab, lobster and whelk fisheries and public health. Unlicensed operators will be specifically targeted during the programme, which will run until late autumn.  The SFPA are advising that anyone found to be non-compliant with sea-fisheries or seafood safety regulations will face prosecution.

Licensing, registration, operation of on board vessel trackers where they are required and compliance with fishing within designated fishing areas will be among the issues that will be scrutinised. The SFPA will also be checking that accurate sales records are being maintained to ensure traceability of product, which is essential to protect consumer health and conservation of fisheries.

Susan Steele, Chair of the SPFA said, “Illegal fishing by a small number of fishermen is unfair to the majority of inshore fishermen who fish legally. It jeopardises the future of the industry by threatening the long-term sustainability of Ireland’s valuable inshore fisheries on which many coastal communities rely for a living.   It also poses a serious risk to public health, and potentially damage the excellent reputation Irish seafood enjoys both at home and abroad.

This year the SPFA will deploy two AC750 7.5m Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) craft with the capacity to winch lift and inspect lobster pots and keeps to facilitate detailed inspections. Their shore monitoring programme will also include vehicle patrols to small local ports and landing places so SFPA sea-fisheries inspection officers can identify and monitor unlicensed and unregistered vessels, which may be deployed during the summer months. Such vessels will be targeted for inspection at sea during subsequent patrols in that area.

Detailed compliance assessments of local fishing fleets have already been undertaken by the respective SFPA Port Office staff to identify the inshore vessels operational in their port area.        This will direct the patrols’ effort specifically against known unlicensed operators.

The inshore patrols will begin in the first week of June with the support of the Naval Service, Air Corps and Inland Fisheries Ireland.   Susan Steele says that anyone who has any questions or would like the SFPA’s Sea-Fisheries Protection Officers to focus on particular areas should contact their local SFPA port office.



Further information:

Eleanor Buckley, Communications Manager, Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority

Tel: 023 885 93 46/ 087 920 3658 or email


Ger McCarthy, Weber Shandwick,

Tel: 01 679 8600/ 086 233 3590 or email:


About the SFPA

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority is the independent statutory body, legally charged with the State’s sea-fisheries law enforcement functions. The Authority enforces the EU Common Fisheries Policy and sea-fisheries law generally and food safety law relating to fish and fishery products.


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