Control Regulation

The EU Commission has approved a number of plans submitted by the SFPA which will allow for derogation from the most restrictive elements of the weighing on landing regulation Art 60 of EU 1224/2009.

The Control plan permits fisheries products to be weighed after transport from the place of landing in the Republic of Ireland provided that they are transported to a destination in the Republic of Ireland. Registered fish buyers proposing to use this derogation must apply to the SFPA for a 'permit'.

Control Plan Art 61 (1) EU 1224/2009 

Pelagic Permits 2018

Demersel Permits 2018

The Sampling plan allows for a situation where not all of the catch must be weighed on landing provided that the fisheries products are landed in ‘Standardised boxes’, in such cases a representative sample may be used. The size of the representative sample is determined on the basis of a risk assessment.

This  does not apply top some species namely pelagic species subject to the provisions of Art 78 of 404/2011, species that are always weighed after landing e.g. Blue Whiting and Boarfish, Tuna, Monkfish (ANF), Lobster & Crayfish and all the fishery products not stored in standardised boxes, including those stored in bulk.

Sampling plan Art 60(1) EU 1224/2009 

The weighing on board sampling plan applies the principles of sampling where the master is approved to weigh on board. 

Sampling plan Art 60(3) EU 1224/2009 (Weighing onboard) 

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