EU Control Regulations

The EU Commission has approved a number of plans submitted by the SFPA that will allow for derogation from the most restrictive elements of the weighing on landing regulation Art 60 of EU 1224/2009.

Control Plan - Weighing after transport from the place of landing

The Control Plan permits fishery products to be weighed after transport from the place of landing in the Republic of Ireland provided that they are transported to a destination in the Republic of Ireland. Registered fish buyers proposing to use this derogation must apply to the SFPA for a permit.

Sampling Plan

The Sampling Plan allows for a situation where not all of the catch must be weighed on landing provided that the fishery products are landed in standardised boxes; in such cases, a representative sample may be used. The size of the representative sample is determined on the basis of a risk assessment.

This  does not apply to some species, namely pelagic species subject to the provisions of Art 78 of 404/2011; species that are always weighed after landing, eg blue whiting and boarfish, tuna, monkfish (ANF), lobster and crayfish; and all the fishery products not stored in standardised boxes, including those stored in bulk.

Weighing Onboard Sampling Plan

The Weighing Onboard Sampling Plan applies the principles of sampling where the master is approved to weigh onboard.