Animal By Products

Animal By-Products are defined as animal carcasses, parts of carcasses and other products of animal origin that are not intended for human consumption.  This includes both cooked and uncooked fish, shellfish and other products of animal origin that are not intended for human consumption.  Animal by-products can pose a threat to animal and human health if not properly handled or disposed of.

 EU Regulation 1069 of 2009 as implemented by EU Regulation 142 of 2011 controls the collection, transport, storage, handling, processing and use or disposal of all animal by-products.  This legislation divides animal by-product material into 3 categories based on its potential risk to animals, humans or the environment and sets out how each category should be used or disposed of:

 Regardless of their category, Animal By-Products must be collected and transported in sealed new packaging or covered leak-proof containers or vehicles.  To ensure traceability, all consignments of animal by-products must be accompanied by a fully completed Commercial Document as specified in EU Regulation 1069 of 2009. 

 The majority of animal by-products of fish origin are classified as Category 3 which includes:


  • Fish material that is not destined for human consumption
  • Finfish By-Products arising from processing activities (excluding mortalities)
  • Shellfish that have been previously fit for human consumption but have now passed their shelf life

The newly published S.I. 187 of 2014 on ABP transposing EU REgulation 1069 of 2009 and implementing Regulation 142 of 2011 is now available on the link below:

ABP SI 187/2014


 Further guidance may be obtained on Animal By Products - Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine

 Any queries may be directed to sfpafoodsafety[at]sfpa[dot]ie or (023) 88 59300 example email:

 For parties interested in obtaining approval as an Animal By-Products operator, including those wishing to transport Animal By-Products; application forms and conditions are available from:

 Animal By-Products Section

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Pavilion B, Grattan Business Centre


Co. Laois.

Tel:  057-8694343 or 057-8694345


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