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Catch Certificate

Exports of Irish fish or fishery produce, destined for a third country (a country that is not an EU Member State), must be accompanied by a catch certificate validated by the SFPA, if requested by the country of destination.
Irish fish or fishery produce exported to a third country and re-exported back to the EU following processing, must be accompanied by a catch certificate. The catch certification scheme applies to all unprocessed and processed products, imported into the EU, regardless of the nationality of the catching fishing vessel.

Catch Certificate Application

Exporters of Irish fish or fishery produce can apply for a catch certificate through the Export Certificate System (ECS). Applications can be made as an anonymous user or as a registered user.

Anonymous Application

Anonymous Application can be used for a once off catch certificate request.

Registered Application

Exporters can register through the Department of Agriculture’s online registration portal. Registration is recommended for exporters that will require catch certificates on an on-going basis.
CCS Customer Registration (
Once registered exporter can use the below link for all applications: Login (

Guidance Documents

Catch Certificate Application: This document will be required for exports of Irish Produce, always required for exports to the UK, Iceland, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Madagascar, Norway, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine; or other third countries if requested.  
ECS Guidance for Industry trading with Third Countries  - Catch Certificate Application: Provides a step-by-step guide to applying for a Catch Certificate using the Export Certification System (ECS).

 Processing Statement

ECS Guidance for Industry - Processing Statement Application : Processing statements (Annex IV) will be required for exports of non-Irish (third country) produce that has been processed in Ireland. The processing statement must give an exact description of the products and must indicate that the products originated from catches accompanied by a catch certificate. A copy of those catch certificates must be attached to the application. The processing statement must be endorsed by the SFPA as the competent authority.
*Freezing is not regarded as processing, but rather preservation.

Storage Document

ECS Guidance for Industry – Storage Document Application  will be required for exports of non-Irish (third country) produce retained under storage in Ireland, where no processing has taken place.

Further Information
SFPA IUU Exports – Catch Certification Code of Practice
CN Codes for Fish & Fishery Products (Chapter 3 & Headings 1604/1605)
IUU Handbook
Catch Certificate Schedule Template

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