Where Irish produce that has been exported to a third country and the produce has been rejected by the country of destination or the produce is being returned for other commercial reasons, the produce can be re-imported into Ireland. The following outlines the SFPA process, please note the re-importer will need to also liaise with the relevant border control post for further re-importation requirements.

To re-import Irish produce the re-importer will need to provide the following documentation to the IUU office. It is advised that the IUU office is notified prior to the produce being dispatched from the original country of destination to ensure sufficient time for a re-import licence to be issued.

  1. The Original Health Certification issued with the consignment if available.
  2. Reason for Rejection. Details of the reasons for refusal, i.e., a written statement from the official veterinary or customs authorities of the country of destination or the customer, giving precise details of the reasons for refusals of the goods including whether the consignment was subject to rejection by the official authorities or the customer.
  3. A Non-manipulation certificate, an official certificate to the effect that after export and on arrival in the country of destination:
  • The goods were not interfered with other than for inspection purposes
  • The conditions governing the storage and transport of products have been observed and that they did not commingle with any products of a lesser health status
  • That the products concerned have not undergone any handling

The future intended use of the produce should also be outlined to the IUU office.

In addition to the above documentary requirements the re-importer must complete and submit a re-import application form.

(Link to re-import application form)

Following satisfactory submission of all required documentation the IUU office will issue a re-import licence to the relevant border control post. Please note re-importers will be required to process the re-import through the INIS portal (in line with regular import process). All re-import documentation including the re-import licence can be uploaded to the portal to allow for BCP and SPS controls to be carried out.

When the re-imported consignment is released from the BCP the container must travel under seal directly to the re-importer premises as outlined on the re-import licence. The SFPA port with remit over the re-importer premises will liaise with the re-importer to organise an inspection of the consignment upon arrival. This inspection may be subject to sampling and testing prior to release.

Following satisfactory inspection and/or testing of the re-imported produce the consignment will be released to the re-importer.

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