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The contents of this page are provided as a guide only and are intended to enhance access to information for the fishing industry.

Food Safety Information Note for Cold Smoked Salmon Producers Nov 2021

Weighing of Fishery Products


The Control Regulation requires the weighing of all fishery products at the place of landing before those products are transported, held in storage or sold.

Information and guidelines are available at Weighing of Fishery Products


Fishery Information Notices for Industry


The SFPA issues Fishery Information Notices (FINs) on fisheries legislation in order to provide interpretation of some of the more complex elements of the legislation.

Access all available notices at Fishery Information Notices

Shark Trust Fisheries Advisories - Sharks, Skates & Rays

The SFPA are grateful for the continued support of the Shark Trust in the UK.  The Shark Trust have put the SFPA logo on their 2020 Fisheries Advisories for use by Sea-Fisheries Protection Officers and for Industry. They are very easy to use and show maps of the areas in which each species of shark, skate and ray are prohibited from, or is allowed to be fished.


Basking Shark

Porbeagle Shark

Blue Shark 



Blue Skate

Flapper Skate

Black Skate

White Skate

Small-eyed Ray

Starry Skate

Undulate Ray

Skates and Rays - Catch Reporting

Deepwater Sharks - Prohibited (i)

Deepwater Sharks - Prohibited (ii)

Smooth Lanternshark

Mobula Rays

Shortfin Mako

Thresher Shark

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Hammerhead Sharks

Shark Handling

Skate and Ray Handling - Best Practice

Landing Obligation - Shark, Skate & Ray Exemptions

Further details on identifying any of the species, please click on the Shark Trust website below, where you can access the ID Guides and Factsheets of each species.  

For sharks:

And for skates and rays: