Re-Exports & IUU Fishing 

When third country produce has been imported into Ireland, via a direct landing, prior to a re-export to another third country. The exporter (or someone acting on their behalf, eg a forwarding agent), will need to ensure the Re-Export section of the respective Catch Certificate (or Consignment Certificate for Norwegian landings) is completed, by the premises re-exporting the produce. This document must be provided to a Sea Fisheries Protection Officer, to validate prior to export. 

Ireland has two designated ports, for all third country landings and transhipments at port. These are Killybegs in Co Donegal and Castletownbere in Co Cork. Exporters will therefore need to contact the SFPA office in Killybegs or Castletownbere to request re-export approval.

Re-Export Certificates must be completed before the fish leaves Ireland, to its place of destination.  

The produce will not need a Re-Export Certificate if its final destination is another location within the EU, this is just an intra-trade movement.

Below is an example of a re-export certificate, produce being re-exported will be entered on the re-export section of the catch certificate, used at import stage in Ireland. A copy of the catch certificate and original/validated re-export section will be required to be provided at the re-export stage.