The IUU Regulation applies to the re-exportation of fishery products previously imported into the EU (generally by way of third country vessel direct landing). Re-exportation means any movement from the territory of the Community of fishery products which had been previously imported into an EU Member State.

On re-exportation the competent authority of the EU Member State concerned must validate the  "re-export" section of the catch certificate, laid down in Annex II of the IUU Regulation. The re-export section will be available on the last page of the catch certificate issued by the flag state.

This part of the catch certificate only applies for re-exports of products from the Community to a third country as referred to in Article 21 of the IUU Regulation and will only be filled out by EC operators and authorities. It ensures the full traceability of the products concerned. The exporter must prove that the products to be re-exported have been imported with a validated catch certificate. It is up to the competent authority in the EU Member State from which the re-exportation is to take place to authorise the re-export.

Sections 1 and 2: To be filled in by the re-exporter in the EC.

Certificate number: to be the same number as in the first part of the catch certificate.

Member State: EU Member State from which the re-exportation is to take place.

Section 1 (description of product): The product is described by using the species name and the product code as mentioned on the catch certificate validated by the flag State. The national customs codes implemented in third countries are usually based upon the HS 6-digit code likewise the CN codes implemented by the EC.

Weight (kg): this is the weight of the products to be re-exported.

Balance from total quantity declared in the catch certificate: Needs also to be mentioned by the re-exporter, since not necessarily the full quantity of the consignment for which the catch certificate has been validated by the third county's authority is to be re-exported as a whole.

Sections 3 and 4: To be filled in by the competent authority of the EU Member State from which the re-exportation is to take place.


The Transport Details appendix aims at preventing a catch certificate validated for fishery products to be exported be misused for other products not covered by a catch certificate, by ensuring full traceability. It must be filled in and signed by the exporter.

The information to be provided in this appendix relates to the transport details of the fishery products from the third country having validated the catch certificate to the next destination, an EU Member State in case of direct importation or an intermediate country in case of indirect importation to the Community.

The exporter of the produce will need to ensure the Re-Export section of the respective Catch Certificate is completed. This document must then be validated by a Sea Fisheries Protection Officer, prior to export.

Please note that there is no requirement to complete and validate the re-export section of the catch certificate if the country of destination is within the EU, this is an intra-trade movement.

Re-Export Guidance Note