Exports of Fishery Products to Vietnam

Registration System for Exporters to Vietnam

The Competent Authority in Vietnam have a registration system in place for exporters of fish and fishery products.

Only exporters on these registration lists are approved to export to Vietnam.

For any company interested in registering with the authorities in Vietnam please email the SFPA at the following address to go through the procedure involved:

Specific Health Certificates to be used for Exports to Vietnam

Two specific health certificates are to be used separately for exports of fishery products and live aquatic animals (including LBMs) to Vietnam as follows:

  1. Health Certificate for Exports of Fishery Products to Vietnam
  2. Health Certificate for Exports of Live Bivalve Molluscs and Live Aquatic Animals to Vietnam

These certificates are available to approved establishments on application from their local SFPA port office.

For any general enquiries regarding exports to Vietnam, please email: