Payments Above €20,000

The SFPA publishes in a quarterly report details of any payments above €20,000 made to suppliers.

SFPA Payments Over €20k in Q3 2018

Tran Number Supplier Total (€) Description Paid Transaction Date
90114 Tetra Ireland Communications Ltd 31,140 Hand portable safety devices Yes 03/07/2018
91551 Crowleys DFK Ltd 22,730 Accounting support services Yes 20/08/2018
91559 Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General 20,000 Audit of 2017 financial statements Yes 24/08/2018
92172 PricewaterhouseCoopers 46,362 Professional services relating to strategy development and implementation Yes 19/09/2018



  • Payments are inclusive of VAT where appropriate
  • Suppliers subject to withholding tax will have it deducted at point of payment, which may decrease the amount actually paid to under €20,000
  • Penalty interest may be added at point of payment for late payments over 30 days (or whatever is agreed with the supplier), which will increase the payment
  • Some payments may be excluded if their publication would be precluded under Freedom of Information legislation