Exports of Fishery Products to the USA

Health certificates are not required for exports of fishery products to the USA, but there are a number of other requirements.

Exporters of fish and fish products to the USA must make the following steps first: 

  1. Food facilities are to be registered with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  2. The FDA must then be given advance notice on shipments of imported food prior to exportation, using a prior notification system

If you need assistance, please call the following FDA numbers:

Registration with the FDA: +0013015750156  
Prior notification of a shipment: +0017032618435

Restrictions on exports of bivalve molluscs to the USA  

The only bivalve molluscs that can be exported to the USA are cooked or processed bivalve molluscs (not live bivalve or frozen unprocessed).  

Ireland is not currently involved in the equivalency process with the USA to reverse this restriction.

For any enquiries regarding exports to the USA, please email