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Trade Notice: Procedure for issuing of health certificates


Trade Notice: Testing requirements for consignments of processed crab exported to China

Applicability: 1 July 2018 with applicability thereafter until modified

In line with the SFPA code of practice for the issue of health certificates for export consignments of seafood to third countries, the requirements below relate to shipments of processed crab, either as picked meat or as whole-processed animals.

  • The operator supports the health certificate application by providing the analytic result(s) showing the cadmium concentration in samples from the consignment

  • These samples have been selected by the operator to be representative of the consignment and submitted to the laboratory in the form that is to be exported (either picked meat or whole processed animals)

  • There exists a sample and therefore a separate analytic result for every 2 tonnes of product in the consignment subject to a maximum of five samples per consignment

  • Cadmium analysis has been performed in a laboratory accredited in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025 for cadmium analysis

  • All results from the above operator-supplied samples for consignments to China are less than 0.5 mg/kg. All results from the above operator-provided samples for consignments to Hong Kong are less than 2.0 mg/kg  


Information Notice: Health certificate numbering format

There is a change to the health certificate numbering format for use in health certificates for exports of live aquatic animals and fishery products to the People’s Republic of China, as issued by the SFPA in Ireland.

Each health certificate must be uniquely numbered using the following system:

Port/Establishment approval number/Date/Sequential Numbers

Example of Health Certificate Number: CLON/IECK0123EC/05102015/001

Port: This will include one of the port codes for any of the 7 SFPA offices as follows: CLON, DIN, DME, KBG, ROS, HOW, CTB

Establishment approval number: This represents the EU approval number granted to the establishment, an example of the format is IE CK 0123 EC

Date: Example 05102015

Sequential Numbers: 001, 002, 003 etc. 

Queries regarding health certificates may be emailed to