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SFPA Strategy Plan

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority's vision is: "seas full of fish, coasts full of jobs". Download the SFPA's current strategic plan below

The SFPA's strategy supports our continued work in the effective implementation of the landing obligation, under the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy, to ensure a sustainable industry, with fish stocks capable of providing higher and more profitable catches in the medium- to long term.

The strategic objectives and actions of the SFPA provide a high-level framework for the annual business plans that we develop and execute. The outputs of these plans contribute to the efficient achievement of the strategic outcomes we have defined.

Strategy Statement

In implementing our strategy, the SFPA will be guided by its Strategy Statement, which sets out how we will fulfill our mandate to 2020, taking account of the environment in which we operate, the challenges and significant opportunities facing the sea-fisheries and seafood sectors, as well as legislative change. It also recognises the changes that are required within our own organisation to ensure that we can deliver effectively and efficiently on that remit.