ERS Data Amendments

An Owner or Master can seek to have data entries in their electronic log book reviewed and amended in certain circumstances e.g. when they mistype data entries. Such a review may be undertaken by the Senior Port Officer of the vessel’s home port where the Senior Port Officer deems this to be a genuine data entry error.

To request a review please fill out the form (see link below) and email it to the relevant Home Port (listed below) of the vessel.

Before emailing the form please ensure that:

  1. the original email address used in the registration process is used to send the form to the relevant Home Port of the vessel.
  2. the registered owner submits the form with the consent and signature of the Master at the time of the trip.
  3. where there is group ownership all signatures are included on the form.
  4. where there is company ownership it is the Managing Director who submits the form.

ERS Data Amendment Request Form

Port Office Email Addresses

Carlingford Lough to Cahore Point.

Cahore Point to Youghal Bridge.

Youghal Bridge to Castlehaven.

Castlehaven to Kenmare.

Kenmare to Limerick City.

Limerick City to North Achill

North Achill to Burtonport

Burtonport to Lough Foyle










The result of the data amendment review will be communicated to the vessel owner, who will receive notification via email to the vessel’s registered email address. The onus is on the vessel owner to notify the Master at the time of the trip in question of the results of the data amendment review. Amendments will be completed 5 working days after Port approval.


Masters are reminded of their legal obligation to ensure the accuracy of data recorded in the vessel’s logbook. The submission of a request for a review of logbook data, and any consequent amendment to the data, does not absolve the master from liability for inaccurate data entries made. The amendment of data is without prejudice to any inspection or enforcement actions, including, but not limited to, prosecution proceedings, relating to data entries made.