Notice to Masters of Northern Ireland Vessels in Irish Territorial Waters

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In light of the recent Supreme Court judgment and subsequent order relating to a mussel seed fishery case, all fishing by Northern Irish registered fishing vessels within the 0 to 6nm zone of Irish territorial waters, for which access rights under voisinage were previously claimed, have been prohibited from Wednesday 9th November 2016. All fishing operations in this area by Northern Irish registered fishing vessels must cease and passive gear such as pots which have been laid in this 0-6 zone, by such operators, are required to be removed.  Fishing access for Northern Irish registered fishing vessels in the 6-12nm zone are not affected by this judgment. UK vessels (including NI) can continue to fish some stocks in certain regions of this zone, as set out in Regulation EC No 1380/2013 and as illustrated in the map on SFPA website

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