The following is a quick guide to the legislation surrounding IUU and the Catch Certification Scheme. The full Regulation can be downloaded by clicking on the links supplied:

 1005/2008 - Council Regulation or "IUU Regulation" 

The main piece of EU legislation introducing the catch certification scheme and how it will be implemented

  • Including Annex I listing all products exempt from the catch certification scheme, as amended by Annex I of 202/2011.

1010/2009 - Commission Regulation or "Implementation Regulation"

  • The Regulation which implements the catch certification scheme and all its requirements into European Law.

86/2010 - Amending Regulation

  • Provides details of 3rd Countries Catch Certificates approved by the EU under bi-lateral agreement for the following countries:
    • Iceland
    • Canada (Group Based and Standard Catch Certificates)
    • Faroe Islands

SI 554/2010 - Sea-Fisheries (Illegal, Unreported & Unregulated Fishing) Regulations 2010

  • Enacting the IUU Regulations as above into Irish law.

202/2011 - Commission Regulation

  • Amending Annex I of 1005/2008 extending the list of fish and fishery products exempt from the Catch Certification Scheme.

EU 2178 - 2017 

  • Amending Commission Regulation 468/2010 establishing the EU list of vessels engaged in Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing.

IUU Legislation Technical Note

  • Tecnical explanation for Industry, covering the requirements of EC Regulation 1005/2008
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