Expert Opinions

The SFPA is the competent authority for foodsafety legislation in the Irish seafood sector and as such takes cognisance of the latest scientific research from recognised authorities such as the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the European Food Safety Authority. As part of our remit SFPA contributes expertise, and  participates on various expert working groups e.g. at FSAI, EFSA, CODEX, EU Commission etc.

Listed below are links to some current expert opinions of particular relevance to the seafood industry

EFSA Opinion on the minimum hygiene criteria to be applied to clean seawater and on the public health risks and hygiene criteria for bottled seawater intended for domestic use 2012

EFSA Opinion on Norovirus in Oysters, Methods, Limits and Control Options - 2012

Commission Guidance note on viable parasites in fishery products that may represent a risk to the health of the consumer 2011 

EFSA Opinion on risk based control of biogenic amine formation in fermented foods 2011

EFSA Opinion on an update on the present knowledge on the occurrence and control of foodborne viruses 2011

EFSA Opinion on Domoic Acid 2009

EFSA Opinion on Pectenotoxins 2009

Statement on influence of processing on the levels of lipophilic marine biotoxins in bivalve molluscs 2009

EFSA Opinion 'effect of cooking on biotioxins' 2009 

EFSA Opinion on Yessotoxins 2008

EFSA Opinion on Omega Oils Health Claims 2008

EFSA Opinion on husbandry of farmed Atlantic Salmon 2008

EFSA Opinion on Azaspiracids 2008

EFSA Opinion on okadaic acid 2007

EFSA opinion on listeria in Ready to Eat foods 2007  

EC Commission opinion on Norovirus 2002

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