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Getting Brexit Ready

Getting Brexit Ready

Getting Brexit Ready: Guidance for the Irish fishing industry

Brexit of any kind will mean change for how business with the UK will be carried out. Managing a no deal or disorderly Brexit will be an exercise in damage limitation and while there are many unknowns at this time we must prepare and be ready as much as is possible to meet this unprecedented challenge. While ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement still remains the Government's priority, preparation for all scenarios is ongoing. On 11 December 2018, the Government decided to give greater immediate priority to the preparations for a no deal Brexit. Contingency planning and preparations for the UK’s departure from the EU is ongoing and involves all Government Departments and Agencies.

As part of a series of measures that the Government is taking both nationally and in conjunction with the EU, the SFPA have just published a revised version of our Getting Brexit Ready leaflet. Launched at our second Breakfast Information Event for industry event in Dublin on 6 March 2019, the leaflet aims to provide guidance on the new regulatory requirements for importers and exporters of fish and fishery products in a no deal scenario. The information reflects current understanding and is subject to ongoing review as Brexit regulatory detail evolves and develops over the coming weeks and months.

Please refer to the leaflet Getting Brexit Ready produced by the SFPA.

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