The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority is committed to the effective and fair regulation of the Irish Sea-Fishing and Seafood Sectors. Working in consultation with all stakeholders, and in particular with our Consultative Committee, the SFPA is strongly committed to playing its part in ensuring a strong future for the Irish Fishing Industry built on the principles of conservation, compliance and sustainability.

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Statement from the SFPA on the Margiris

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority, the independent regulator responsible for the enforcement of the State’s sea-fisheries regulations, ...
Fair Regulation for Sustainable Industry

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) has launched its new strategy, which sets out its key priorities for the regulation of the ...


2015 Shellfish Regional Information Events

The FSAI, Marine Institute, BIM and SFPA will be conducting a series of regional events nationwide in April and May on shellfish and will cover a series of topics associated with ensuring compliance with Food Safety requirements for Shellfish.

Refreshments and light lunch will be provided.

These half day workshops are free and open to anybody involved in the shellfish industry.

The informal events are an opportunity for all those involved in the shellfish industry to learn more about the role of the Irish Shellfish Monitoring Programme and how it assists industry to ensure that live bivalve molluscs placed on the market meet the highest standards of food safety. This series of events will focus on microbiological classification of shellfish production areas but will also cover topics such as biotoxin and phytoplankton monitoring, phytoplankton sampling and viruses

People interested in attending should register via the following link


International Symposium on Labelling and Authenticity of Seafood (ISLAS) 2014

This conference, which is free to attend will take place in Vigo, Spain on 25th and the 26th of November 2014.

 It will cover a variety of topics related to labelling and authenticity of seafood including:  

    1. Latest labelling legislation and governance for seafood
    2. Labelling and traceability: industry perspective
    3. Labelling and traceability: consumers
    4. Seafood authentication: current methodologies
    5. Labelling: environmental and conservation issues
    6. Progress on seafood authenticity methodology

Full details available here

Weighing of bulk pelagic fish after transport

The SFPA has issued conditional time limited permits for the weighing of bulk pelagic fish after transport to twelve Irish Seafood Processors. The full list of premises is available here

New SFPA COP for the Microbiological Monitoring of Bivalve Mollusc Production Areas:

This recently updated SFPA Code of Practice for the Microbiological Monitoring of Bivalve Mollusc Production Areas has been developed by the Molluscan Shellfish Safety Committee (MSSC) through consultation with all stakeholders over the last number of months and replaces the now defunct 2012 Vers 4 Micro COP.

The 2013 Micro COP reflects current best practices as reflected in both the 2012 Community Guide to Microbiological Classification and Monitoring of LBM Production Areas and CEFAS CRL’s Microbiological Monitoring of LBM Production Areas Guide to Good Practice.

This new COP includes lessons learned from FVO LBM audit of 2011, and is a more accurate reflection of Ireland’s Microbiological Monitoring Programmes of Shellfish Production Areas.

 It contains clearer definitions on Preliminary Classifications, Seasonal Classifications, responding to out of range or elevated E.coli results, sample submission protocols and decision trees.

The attached document is also available on the SFPA’s website under seafood safety guidance documents at:

Older versions of this COP should be removed from circulation and replaced by the attached.

Traceability and Labelling in Seafood
Micheál O’Mahony, SFPA Board Member will give a talk entitled "Seafood Traceability - A Regulator's Perspective" at the Labelfish joint U.K. and Ireland workshop on seafood traceability, genetics and labeling in Salford on November 12th, further information about Labelfish and this important conference are available at this link:

Quota Uptake
This information is updated after each Quota Management Meeting. The latest available figures on the uptake of Quota Species are available here

Recent Publications

Consumer Advice - Scallops

This consumer advice leaflet provides information for consumers when purchasing scallops. 

Download Leaflet 

Industry Advice - Common Skate

Industry advice on the identification and conservation of the Common Skate 

Download Leaflet 

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