Exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)  

The competent authority in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires a specific health certificate to be used for exports of fishery products to this destination. This certificate differs from the generic third country health certificate in that it contains the following additional health attestation.    

(a)  That the fish were not fed processed animal proteins (PAPs) of porcine origin    

[In the case of certain aquaculture products (for example salmon) where this is applicable, it may be necessary for the exporter requesting the health certificate to provide some documentation to support this requirement.]    

Also when filling out details about the fishery products in the health certificate the following would need to be added:    

For wild caught seafood:   ·        

  • Need to mention on the health certificate the words WILD CAUGHT  

For farmed seafood:   ·        

  • Need to mention on the health certificate the word FARMED      

The relevant health certificate is available on application to approved establishments from their local SFPA port office.    

Halal Certification  

The authorities in the UAE have confirmed that there is no requirement to provide halal certificates with shipments of fish and fishery products being exported to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries including UAE.

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