Radionuclide Certificates  

Radionuclide testing is provided by the Office of Radiological Protection (ORP) within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The ORP run a product certification scheme whereby they provide private testing for radionuclide parameters, including Caesium – 137 and Strontium – 90.The EPA issues certificates to show that the radioactivity content of Irish foodstuffs and other produce are below the requirements of the importing country.


Contact details in ORP for radionuclides testing are as follows:

Radiation Monitoring | Office of Radiological Protection | Environmental Protection Agency,

3 Clonskeagh Square | Clonskeagh Road | Dublin 14

Tel: +353 1 2680100 / 2066943 and Fax: +353 1 2680199

Information on radioactivity monitoring in the Irish environment is available on the EPA website, in the publications section. The radioactivity monitoring reports provide information on a wide range of food and environmental materials including seafood.

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