Seafood Safety

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of National and EU legislation which deals with health conditions for the production and placing on the market of fish, shellfish and fisheries products through a service contract with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

The SFPA carries out official controls in seafood safety on an ongoing basis along the seafood chain from boat up to but excluding retail stage (on fishing vessels, in shellfish production areas, in establishments handling preparing and processing seafood). The Health Service Executive has responsibility for official controls in the retail sector (fish mongers, catering establishments)


SFPA staff at headquarters and at our port offices will be happy to provide advice and guidance on any Sea Food Safety queries.


The Sea Fisheries Protection Authority are responsible for the maintenance of the registered Importers. The Official Veterinarians are present at the Border Inspection Post and are responsible for the Official Controls. The Sea Fisheries Protection Authority offer technical support to the Border Inspection Port staff.


If you have any queries regarding your requirements for the importation of Fish or Fishery Products from outside the European Union into Ireland the staff in the Seafood Safety Unit will happy to advise you and give you guidance. Email sfpafoodsafety[at]sfpa[dot]ie or call 023 8859300


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