• Application for Registration as a Food Business Operator

    Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin

    EC (Food and Feed Hygiene) Regulations 2009, SI 432 of 2009.

    Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 provides for a registration system for food premises, the purpose of which is to allow the competent authority to identify where food businesses are located and what their activities are, in order to enable official controls to be carried out where necessary. Every food business operator will be required to notify the competent authorities of each establishment under its control. This system is simply a notification of food businesses not a licence or approval.

    The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority, Block B, Clogheen, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.

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Notes on Registration of Food Premises

These notes are provided for information only and should not be regarded as a complete statement of the law

Why Register?

Registration of premises used for food business is required by law. Registration will allow the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) to keep an up-to-date list of all those premises in their area so they can visit them when they need to. The frequency of the visits will depend on the degree of risk involved.

Who needs to be registered?

Every food business operator shall notify the SFPA of each establishment under its control that carries out any of the stages of production, processing and distribution of food, with a view to the registration of each such establishment. Anyone starting a new food business should register with the SFPA at least 28 days before doing so.

How do I register?

By filling in this form. Registration cannot be refused and there is no charge. The registration form must be sent to the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority head office in Clonakilty.

You must tick all the boxes that apply to your business, answer all the questions and give all the information requested. Seasonal businesses operating for a certain period each year should give the dates between which they will be open.  If you have any questions, your local Sea Fisheries Officer will help you. It is an offence to provide information that you know is false.

What happens to the information given on the form?

The SFPA will enter the details on its register.


Food business operators shall ensure that the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority always has up-to-date information on establishments, including by notification any significant change in activities and any closure of an existing establishment.