SFPA Confidential Line

Consumer trust in the quality, provenance and safety of Ireland’s seafood produce underpins the reputation and success of the sector on which many coastal economies rely. 
If you have any concerns regarding fisheries control, seafood fraud and/or seafood safety please contact us through our Confidential Line channels.


What can I report?

Food Safety

If you have a complaint regarding suspected food poisoning, concerns about the hygiene standards of a food business, finding a foreign object in your food or labelling concerns regarding a fishery product purchased by you. 

Food Fraud

Food Fraud is committed when food is illegally placed on the market with the intention of deceiving the customer, usually for financial gain. Examples of food fraud include; 

  • Mislabelling of food
  • Making false statements
  • The sale of food that is potentially harmful

Fisheries Control

Sea- fishing related activity which you believe to be suspicious, illegal, or potentially harmful to fish stocks. These can fall under the categories below;

  • Marine Licensing
  • Fisheries Control
  • Marine Conservation


How can I make a report?

You can make a report a number of ways.

When making a report please provide as much detail as possible for example;

  • A description of vessel/ business, the activity and the location and the time
  • Do you know who is carrying out the activitiy?
  • Did you see this activity yourself?
  • Have you seen this activity taking place before?
  • How often does it take place?


Do you want to leave your contact details?

It is not mandatory to leave your contact details however the investigating Sea Fisheries Protection Officer (SFPO) may benefit from being able to get in touch with you about the report. If you decide to leave your contact details they will be kept confidential in accordance with GDPR guidelines.


What happens after I make a report?

The report will be sent to the relevant port and the SFPO's will carry out an investigation. The investigation may include an inspection, interviews, samples being taken and/ or equipment and records being checked. Depending on the outcome of the investigation enforcement measures may be taken.


Consumer Advice

Consumer Advice on food safety and healthy eating is the role of Safefood which is an all-island body. They can be contacted through their website.


Download a card with our Confidential Line contact details for future use.