IUU Information for Exporters 

Any export of fish or fishery products to a third country (ie a country that is not an EU Member State) must be accompanied by a Catch Certificate validated by the SFPA if requested by the country of destination.

In addition, EC catches exported to a third country and re-exported to the EC, following processing, have to be accompanied by a Catch Certificate, as the scheme applies to all unprocesed and processed products imported into the EC irrespective of the nationality of the fishing vessel responsible for the catch.

Catch Certificates should be raised by the exporter in relation to a consignment of fish for export and not for an individual landing of fish, unless the single landing of fish in itself constitutes a single consignment.

For more information, download the guidance documents below.

Notes on completing a Catch Certificate and Schedule

When completing a Catch Certificate and Schedule (if required) please note the following in Section 3:

  • Species must be the scientific name and not a local name, eg NOT Horse Mackerel or Scad, but Trachurus trachurus
  • The product code must be the correct eight-digit CN Code taken from either Chapter 3 or Headings 1604 and 1605 of the Combined Nomenclature; and NOT an internal product code used by your company / organisation 

See also the SFPA Guidance Document below entitled IUU Guide for Exporters in Third Countries - Weights & Product Codes.

Getting your Catch Certificate validated

When ready, send the original Catch Certificate (and schedule, if applicable) to your local port office for validation. A Sea Fisheries Protection Officer will complete the necessary checks for validation in accordance with the IUU Regulations and once satisfied they will validate the Certificate and send the original back to the exporter or agent.

This Certificate should then be forwarded to the importer so they can liaise with the competent authority at the point of entry at the final destination (eg Border Inspection Post).

Further information for exporters

Guidance notes have been published for exporters taking you through the necessary steps for validation of your Catch Certificate(s) by the SFPA. These can be downloaded, along with document templates, using the links below:

If you have any further questions that cannot be answered from these pages or the guidance documents, please contact us via email or phone:

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