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Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority Host EFCA Fisheries Risk Assessment Workshop

Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority Host EFCA Fisheries Risk Assessment Workshop

Photographed at the European Fisheries Control Agency’s (EFCA’s) Risk Assessment workshop are: Gene O'Keeffe, Director of Enforcement, Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA); Susan Steele, Chair, SFPA; Susana Godinho, EFCA; Fabio Carocci, EFCA; Belen Del Hierro, EFCA and Adrienne Patterson, Director of Port Operations, SFPA...

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) hosted EFCA’s Risk Assessment workshop in Dublin from the 24th to the 28th June 2019. This workshop is held annually and its purpose is to define and evaluate the regulatory non-compliance risks associated with the demersal and pelagic fisheries for the Southwestern, Western and North Sea fisheries waters.  The outcomes from the workshop will aid the development of the respective 2020 Joint Development plans and will also be presented to the North Western Waters, Southwestern Waters and Scheveningen Control Expert Groups.

The seminar was attended by the Sea-Fisheries Protection Officers from the SFPA, members of the Naval Service as well as representatives from other Member States and EFCA. Susan Steele, Chair of the SFPA said the outcomes of the workshop would help in the efficient deployment of regulatory resources to promote and deter non-compliance.  “Information and data from different sources have been analysed to produce a risk assessment of fisheries that are important to Ireland. This determines the level of risk associated with activities within the defined fisheries, taking into consideration gear type, mesh size, area of operation and target species for example. We will use this to prioritise fisheries from a monitoring perspective, including the specific threats we need to watch for with a view to increasing compliance.”