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Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority to Exhibit at the Skipper Expo

Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority to Exhibit at the Skipper Expo

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA), Ireland’s competent regulatory authority for the regulation of sea-fisheries and seafood safety, will be exhibiting at the Skipper Expo in Limerick on the 23rd and 24th February 2023. Sea-Fisheries Protection Officers (SFPOs) of the SFPA will be on hand to answer queries from fishers, industry, and stakeholders.

The SFPA oversees compliance with the European Common Fisheries Policy which ensures equality and fairness for all fishers and the continued sustainability of valuable marine resources.  It monitors all vessels operating within the Irish EEZ electronically with the support of the Naval Service, and reviews and assesses their declared catches for compliance with EU sea-fisheries legislation.

SFPOs will be happy to meet and engage with industry and discuss the significant programme of work undertaken by the SFPA to promote compliance with the EU Common Fisheries Policy, sea-fisheries legislation, and seafood safety law, all with the goal of ensuring the future sustainability of Ireland’s marine resources and assuring public trust in the quality and provenance of seafood.

Paschal Hayes, Executive Chairperson, SFPA said: ‘We are looking forward to engaging with industry at the upcoming Skipper Expo and to further explain the importance of our broad remit. Sustaining Ireland’s marine resources, and assuring consumer trust in the quality, provenance and safety of our seafood produce are critical to achieving the collective ambitions for the sector. The SFPA, for its part, is committed to the promotion of compliance and the effective and fair regulation of the sea-fishing and seafood sectors that fall within the SFPA’s mandate.”