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SFPA advises on changes to generic export health certificates for fishery and shellfish products

SFPA advises on changes to generic export health certificates for fishery and shellfish products

 - Transition period to facilitate changeover to new documentation –

 - Updated certificate to be fully operational by Spring 2023 -

The Sea-Fisheries protection Authority (SFPA) is advising all fish and shellfish production processors of amendments to the generic export health certificates required for fishery and shellfish products intended for human consumption.

The new changes will bring the existing health certificate documentation in line with the provision of EU regulation 625/2017 relating to the harmonisation of food, feed, animal health and welfare rules across member states.

The SFPA have engaged widely with relevant third countries on the details relating to the documentation which will become fully operational by March 2023. A transition period is currently underway, enabling industry to use both the existing and new documentation.

The SFPA advises that country-specific export health certificates are not impacted by any changes to the generic documentation.

Paschal Hayes, Executive Chairperson, SFPA said,

“Ensuring regulatory alignment with national and EU legislation in order to safeguard the safety and quality of fish and shellfish products that are available to consumers is an important function of Ireland’s sea-fisheries authority. It is of critical importance that all involved in industry always put seafood safety and sustainability front of mind.

We are conscious of the changeover required for fish processors, shellfish production operators and food business operators involved in the export of fishery and shellfish products, and we are confident that the phased approach will enable a smooth changeover. I encourage all within the sector to appraise themselves of the latest changes and to have the necessary arrangements made to enable a seamless transition.”