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SFPA Issues Final Reminder to Operators on Weigh Permit (After Transport) Renewal

SFPA Issues Final Reminder to Operators on Weigh Permit (After Transport) Renewal

The Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) recently issued a final reminder to all approved Demersal Operators, to submit their applications for the renewal of their Weigh Permit.

As a result of the updated Control Plan, the SFPA contacted all approved Demersal Operators on the 17th December 2022 to advise them of an extension to 28th February 2023 of their Weigh Permit which was due to expire on 31st December 2022. Operators were reminded that applications for renewal of Weigh Permits must be submitted at least six weeks prior to their expiry date. The SFPA wrote again on 21st December 2022 enclosing an extended Weigh Permit (extended 28th February 2023) again reminding them that they must renew their weigh permit by returning the updated application form to no later than six weeks before the 28th February deadline. The form can be accessed on and is available here Weigh Permit Application Form.

The extended Weigh Permit is subject to ongoing compliance with the conditions as stated in the Control Plan and Weigh Permit schedule.  From 1st January 2023 operators must be prepared and ensure compliance with these conditions.

Following receipt of the completed application form and required documentation, the SFPA will liaise with the operator to arrange an inspection by a Sea-Fisheries Protection Officer of the SFPA  and an assessment of the application will be made thereafter. Part 4 of the Application Form refers to the Weigh Permit schedule of conditions and adherence of same which will be assessed during the course of an inspection for which a weigh permit is sought. If approved, the operator will in due course be issued with a weigh permit.

Ireland’s Sea-Fisheries Control and Sampling Plans enables Ireland to meet its obligations under the EU Common Fisheries Policy. The plan which came into effect on January 1st of this year provides a derogation under regulation which facilitates an exemption from weighing on landing for 95% of bulk pelagic landings and a proportion of demersal fish landings, and instead enables weighing of fish after transport in permitted establishments, unless directed otherwise at landing by a Sea-Fisheries Protection Officer of the SFPA.