Gillian Mills

Committee Chair, Inshore Ireland
Gillian Mills

Gillian Mills is the current Chair of the Consultative Committee. In 2005, she co-founded Inshore Ireland Publishing Limited (IIPL), and since then has been a director of the company and editor of Inshore Ireland, a quarterly marine, maritime, seafood and freshwater publication covering the island of Ireland. IIPL provides research, compilation, editing and production of articles, reports and publications specialising in but not exclusively, the above sectors. Publications include:

2010: Editorial production: Aquaculture Ireland Yearbook (2010)

2007: Editorial production: World Seafood Congress: The Rising Tide – A Review of the Bottom Grown (BG) Mussel Sector on the Island of Ireland

2005: Editorial production: The Herring Fisheries of Ireland (1900-2005) by John Molloy

2004: Editorial production: The Irish Mackerel Fishery and the making of an industry by John Molloy

Her interests include 365 sea-swimming, hill-walking, and gardening.